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- Sean Vosler
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Why Invest In The New ClickFunnels System? 
First of all... Savings!
Bonus #1: Copy/Paste My Evergreen Funnel
My Best Marketing Funnel - Just Copy, Paste, And Fill In The Blanks!
I've spent hundreds and hundreds of hours testing every little thing that helps turn a web page into a marketing machine... Through trial and error, and with the help of many people and books I've taken the best of the best techniques and put it into one 'evergreen' funnel, that kicks rear!

Now you can 'copy & paste' my funnel into your click funnels account!

All you have to do is sign up, ill send you a special link - and BAM this funnel is YOUR funnel. Just go through each page and follow the copy suggestions to add your own content, then turn it on!
Retail Price: $20,000 - Done For You
Retail Price: $2,000 - Copy/Paste
Bonus #2: Unlock The Ever.Training Suite
Unlock This Training WITH Your Click Funnels Bonus!
Ever wanted to sell a product online, without all the hassle of building it yourself? Let's admit it, it'd be a lot easier if we just had the product done!

Ever wish you could host webinars all the time like "the big boys"? We know they're the best marketing platform...

Well let me make it easy for you... I'm going to turn you into the Opera of your niche with the "Ever Training" system. I've been using this technique myself and it's helped solidify my goal of never having to work the 9 to 5 again. Let me show you exactly how to set it up, give you all the templates, and walk you through how to run webinars without the pain of building your own product, or even actually hosting a webinar... :o

You get it all with this special bonus training!
Retail Price: $1997
Bonus #3: What's Your Story? - Strategy Training
Nothing Sells Better Than A Story - Let's WriteYours In 30 Minutes.
Two Friends And A Whiskey. I work with you to define your story by finding your real why. Whisky optional, I guess.
The Force Awakens. I work with you to turn your story into a marketing narrative.

Defining Your Gotham. We take your narrative, story, and marketing angle and refine it into a clear cut Facebook ads campaign designed to explode your traffic, leads, and sales.

The Results. You Walk Away With:
Your Story Map. Mind map of your complete narrative along with a written version you can use to sell your product or service.

Your Marketing Map. The language and campaigns you can use on your pages, websites and advertising campaigns to turn visitors into lead, and leads into sales. We'll define your sales page copy, your VSL copy, and your follow up copy.

Your Audience Map. I'll work with you to define your audience, what kind of story they need to hear, and where you can find them. This includes a full fledged out Facebook ads campaign you can start running right away!

5 Month Accountability. Once we've completed the 3 Maps to Successful Marketing I will check in with you weekly to make sure you're implementing your marketing strategy correctly!

Step 1: Follow Training Guide on Process

Step 2: Transcription

Step 3: Modify Into All Your Marketing Copy Material!
Retail Price: $1996
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You Rock! 

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- Sean
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